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Popular Organic Cultivation of India

Red Onions from India are regularly exported to many countries worldwide Export Quality Assorted Red Onions  (Mixed Size)   Red Cabbages of Southern West Bengal, India, are eye-catcher for its extraordinary nutritious value addition NATURALLY from our soil Organically grown Broccoli  of the same Southern West Bengal, India, are popular in European countries only for additional health benefits NATURALLY for quality of soil here

Women's Ethnic Wear from Bengal

Specializing over unending Ranges of Original Hand-Woven Bangladeshi & Bengali Sarees Darpan is a unit of GIEO, Delivering (Worldwide) Indian & British women's attitude- reflecting occasionally  during Durga Puja celebrations, giving them the Special Feel of the festive essence of MAA DURGA! Hand-woven Bangladeshi Muslin, Handpainted Saree Hand-woven Bangladeshi Muslin, Handpainted Upper Wear

Uncover the Royal Taste : Indian Mangoes

G IEO    d eals with Organically  grown  GI Certified Mangoes  Mango  is the undisputed king among Indian Fruits. Indian mangoes are of the ready to eat a variety and shipped to USA, Europe, and South-East Asia and Middle East countries.  O rchard-fresh  export quality Alphonso, Laxmanbhog & Dussehri Mangoes are our speciality. GI certification Malda Lakshmanbhog has the historically rich tradition of its cultivation as  it bears the name of 12 th century King Lakshman Sen of the then Malda (Gaur), Bengal. The mango has the lowest percentage of moisture (76.62) which is one of the causes of its good keeping quality, besides its super aromatic and juicy taste Orchard at Malda, WB, India Export ready Mango for  premium customers Fully  Grown Laxmanbhog Mango, Malda, WB, India Dussehri is the first branded mango of India. It is named after the originating place Malihabad, Uttar Pradesh. This fibreless mango is extremely sweet and aromatic   GI certified Mangoes from Malihabad,

Citrus Makes Us Fortius

Lemon Aid Your  Thirs t GIEO is associated with the citrus fruit orchards in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, India.  Fresh Oranges & Mosambi (Sweet Lime) were exported to Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Canada, U.S.A., U.K., Germany and Gulf countries.  Sweet Lime (Mosambi) & Oranges Plant Processing  Mosambi juice has an important role to play in alternative medicine supplements and vitamins. From our Organic Orchard, India The fruit peel which is a waste to the juice industry is the main source of flavonoids, pectin and essential oils.   Export Quality available in different sizes Picking the desired quality fruit and careful post-harvest handling the natural qualities and freshness is retained.  Flower Of Sweet Lime   Live from Our Orchard Key Benefits of Citrus Fruits Anti-Cancerous Anti-diabetic Anti-ulcer Anti-ageing [Though over-consumption is not suggested]

Premium Leather Products

GIEO   is a Kolkata -based leather goods manufacturing facility founded in the year 2000 With an emphasis on quality, fine craftsmanship & attention to detail GIEO produces luxurious leather goods and is the preferred manufacturing partner for some of the leading international fashion brands.              Skilled workers at the factory With their exclusive collection of handcrafted leather accessories such as handbags, purses, wallets, belts, backpacks, folders, business cards,  GIEO  stands out in the area of leather products both in terms of quality and expertise. Pure Leather Wallets